supply and service of all kind marine ship and boats

Specializing in the supply and service of marine ships and boats, we offer comprehensive solutions, ensuring optimal performance and seaworthiness for every voyage.

UAV / Drones for Defense, Homeland Security, and Industrial Applications

Elevate your operations with cutting-edge UAV solutions. Our drones are tailored for defense, homeland security, and various industrial applications, providing unparalleled aerial capabilities.

Industrial Warehousing & Storage Solutions

Optimize your space with our industrial warehousing solutions. From heavy-duty racks to smart storage systems, we maximize efficiency and organization in every corner.

Industrial Plastic Products, Furniture & Fixtures

Explore our range of industrial-grade plastic products, furniture, and fixtures. Designed for durability and functionality, our solutions seamlessly blend practicality with modern design.

Interior Design

Transform spaces with our innovative interior design services. Whether it's a commercial venture or a residential haven, our designs harmonize aesthetics and functionality for a captivating environment.

Floating Jeeties, Boats, Sports, and Leisure Equipment

Dive into our aquatic offerings, including floating jeeties, boats, and sports and leisure gear. From tanks to kayaks and life jackets, we ensure safety and enjoyment on the water.

Industrial Refrigeration, Transformers, Gases, Rope & Hawsers

Stay cool and efficient with our industrial refrigeration solutions. Additionally, we provide transformers, gases, and top-quality ropes and hawsers for diverse industrial applications.

Fire Fighting & Damage Control Items, Lifesaving Equipment, Safety Gear

Safety is paramount in our offerings, ranging from fire-fighting and damage control items to lifesaving equipment and state-of-the-art safety gear.

General Engineering Items, Nautical Equipment, Navigation & Communication Systems

Stay cool and efficient with our industrial refrigeration solutions. Additionally, we provide transformers, gases, and top-quality ropes and hawsers for diverse industrial applications.

Basic Chemicals & Personal Care Products

From fundamental chemicals to personal care items, our diverse range caters to both industrial and personal needs, ensuring quality and reliability.

Material Handling and Construction Equipment

Streamline operations with our material handling and construction equipment. Our solutions prioritize efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Prefab Shelters, Tensile Structures, and Hangars

Explore our versatile range of prefab shelters, tensile structures, and hangars. Crafted for durability and adaptability, these structures meet diverse needs.

Surveillance Solutions, CCTV, Access Control, Safety Barriers

Secure your spaces with our comprehensive surveillance solutions, including CCTV systems, access control, and safety barriers. Turnstiles, tripods, UVIS, BOLLARD, and other safety measures enhance security.

Lubricants and Grease

Ensure seamless operations with our high-quality lubricants and grease. Our range caters to diverse industrial needs, promoting equipment longevity.

Paints, Varnishes, and High-Performance Coatings

Add the perfect finishing touch with our paints, varnishes, and high-performance coatings. Enhance aesthetics while providing protection and durability.

Full Range of Power Conditioning & Power Back-Up Products

Stay powered with our comprehensive range of power conditioning and backup products. We offer solutions for uninterrupted and reliable power supply.

Construction & Engineering

From groundbreaking concepts to structural brilliance, our construction and engineering services redefine excellence. With a focus on innovation and precision, we bring your vision to life with enduring quality.

Dealing with All Kinds of Electrical and Hardware

Trust us for your electrical, hardware, and plywood needs. Our products meet the highest standards in safety and performance, ensuring reliability in every application.

OUR Services

Precision Services, Endless Solutions.

Installation & Fabrication of machinery & equipment

Elevate your operations with our expert installation and fabrication services. From precision machinery to specialized equipment, our team ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

Services of all Electronic Equipment & IT Peripheral

Experience unparalleled support for all your electronic and IT needs. From troubleshooting to maintenance, our services guarantee the smooth functioning of your equipment and peripherals.

Consultancy Service and Support

Navigate challenges with our strategic consultancy services. We provide tailored solutions, expert advice, and ongoing support to optimize your business processes and enhance overall efficiency.